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Cap, gown, and more

Traditional caps and gowns are recommended at all WSU in-person Commencement ceremonies. The Academic Costume Code guides the design of regalia used at colleges and universities nationwide.

Those being commissioned as officers in the ROTC program may choose to wear either their military uniform or a cap and gown.

Renting regalia

To rent regalia for Fall 2021, follow the instructions below.

Order regalia at least 6 weeks before the ceremony.

If you rent regalia for in-person ceremonies that are later canceled, you are still responsible for the cost of the rental.

If you rented regalia for a 2020 or spring 2021 ceremony that was canceled
Planning to participate in Commencement this December? You may re-rent regalia from Herff Jones at a special reduced price.

To get the discount, visit Herff Jones online and enter the code “WSUrerental” in the search field. Then click the WSUrerental link when it appears in your search results.

Special pricing is available only to those who previously rented regalia.

Undergraduate, masters and professional degree students

You may rent your regalia either of the following ways:

  • At the Grad Fair 
    Tues., Oct. 26
    9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    Compton Union Building, Junior Ballroom
    Attend this event to get an early bird discount on your rental.
  • Online at Herff Jones
    Through Nov. 14
    Early bird pricing offered Aug. 1 through Sept. 20.
    No matter what WSU campus you attend, you may rent regalia directly from the Herff Jones website. You must still place your order 6 weeks in advance of the event. Regalia rented online may be picked up in Pullman at the Grad Fair or the Bookie. Alternatively, it can be mailed to your home address for an additional charge of $12.95. Other graduation products are also available from Herff Jones.

Doctoral students

Contact The Bookie for regalia rentals.


Complete the order form to rent regalia from The Bookie.

Purchasing regalia

Doctoral students and faculty members may purchase regalia from The Bookie.  Allow 6 to 8 weeks lead time when ordering. 

Returning regalia rentals

Undergraduate and masters students

  • Return to Herff Jones in the postage-paid return packaging provided with your rental.
  • Remember to keep your cap and tassel!

Doctoral students

Return all regalia to The Bookie.


The Bookie
North East 1500 Terrell Mall
Compton Union Building
PO Box 549
Pullman, WA 99163
509-332-2537, ext. 105

Tips for wearing regalia

  • Wear tassels on the right side.
  • Remove academic caps during the posting of the colors and national anthem.
  • Wear your stoles, sashes, and cords underneath the crimson/grey University yoke. Pull the yoke up snug to your throat with no sagging or gaping. (To do this, reach around to the back and pull the end of the yoke down.) 
    crimson/grey University Yoke
  • Doctoral candidates, remove your tam during hooding.

Honor cords

Undergraduates earning a 3.5 or higher grade-point average are considered honor students and can receive a custom WSU honor cord of crimson and silver. Contact your academic department or college dean’s office for information. (Neither Herff Jones nor The Bookie provides honor cords.)