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Doctoral hooding – Fall

Event day instructions for PhD, EDD, and DNP candidates


On the day of the ceremony, arrive one half hour prior to the scheduled start time.

Assemble along the right wall on the inside of the southeast tunnel entrance.

  • Spring ceremonies:
    Assemble outdoor.
  • Fall ceremony:
    Assemble indoor.

Names will be taped on the wall in the proper order for the hooding ceremony.

A complementary coat-check station will be available for storing outerwear during the ceremony.

Hooding practice

Friday, December 8
2:00 p.m.

Hooding practice is for PhD, EDD, and DNP graduates only.

Beasley Coliseum main floor

Doctoral candidates (PhD, EDD, and DNP) are encouraged to attend. Regalia is not required.

Enter through the service tunnel facing the baseball field at the intersection of North Fairway Drive and Fairway Lane. Once inside, come directly down to the main floor.

Assembly and procession

Ushers will escort you to your assigned seating. Take your reader card with you. Remain standing.

During the ceremony, an off-stage announcement will direct you and your fellow doctoral candidates to come forward, single file, on the outside aisles. You will:

  • Advance to the front of the hooding table.
  • Hand your card to the person who will announce your name.
  • Turn to face the staging area on the floor.
  • Remove your cap.


  • The reader will announce your name, degree earned, and hooding professor’s name.
  • The faculty hooder will place the hood over your head and extend congratulations.

If you are taller than your professor, bend your knees. Do not bend forward at the waist, as this makes it more difficult for the professor to reach over your head.

After hooding

  • Proceed forward to receive the diploma cover from the dean or associate dean of the Graduate School.
  • Turn and walk down the center aisle to shake hands.
  • Return to your original seat via the center aisle.
  • Remain standing until all candidates have returned to their seats and are seated by the announcer.


Ushers will release all students. Exit through the service tunnel entrance.