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Inclement Weather WSU Commencement Ceremonies

Inclement Weather

The Northwest Weather Service will provide a weather impact report for both Friday and Saturday on the week of Spring Commencement. If Pullman is likely to have inclement weather, the NWS will supply updates on the day of Commencement. Watch the weather forecast.
In the event of heavy rain on the day of Spring Commencement:
  • Commencement officials will determine one hour prior to the start of a ceremony if any changes in the line-up will need to take place.
  • In a heavy downpour, the regular line-up will not take place and the processional for undergraduates and general faculty will be canceled.  
  • A text message will be sent out to all graduates, faculty, and staff attending that ceremony noting any change in plans.
  • Masters and doctoral candidates will line up inside the tunnel entrance rather than outside.
  • Starting 30 minutes prior to the ceremony start time, all graduates, faculty and staff will be asked to enter Beasley Coliseum via the tunnel entrance (facing the baseball field at the intersection of North Fairway Drive and North Fairway Lane). 
  • NOTE: The line-up area will be for graduates, faculty and authorized staff only – please no family or friends. There is no access to the seating area once inside the lower level, so family and friends must use the regular coliseum entrances and not the tunnel entrance.
  • Announcements will be made over the coliseum’s loudspeaker, asking students to please take their seats.
  • Once inside the coliseum, participants are asked to locate their designated college seating areas by the signs posted and the maps (8AM; 11:30AM and 3PM). Ushers and WSU personnel will be on hand to assist.

We strive to be as timely as possible and hope this will not delay the ceremony start time. Please help us by getting in and finding a seat.  Thank you.